F71/24 NEW

Build to last

The highest quality milk comes from healthy cows.

A healthy herd produces more milk and allows you the time to focus on your herd management priorities.

Reducing prepping time and increasing prepping consistency will have a positive impact on your bottom line!

Here at Puli-sistem we are here for this, and this is why we are launching our newest teat scrubber: the Puli-sistem F71.

This is a refined and improved version of its precursor, the F60, and a really must-have in every milking parlor that looks to increase efficiency and profitability.

Easy to use and to service thanks to its new mechanics that meets the requirements of durability and profitability.

The Puli-sistem F71 accomplishes multiple pre-milking procedures in one easy step and whether you milk 50, 100, 1.000, 10.000 cows, there is a F71 teat scrubber to accommodate any herd size.

What you can expect with our F71 teat scrubber, is: straightened profitability, increased consistency and efficiency, improved udder health.

Dairy Equipment Leader

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